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First-Year College Admissions Prep Services

This College Admissions Prep is our highest touch service. If you would like expert 1:1 management of the admissions process from start to finish, this is your option. We will customize your experience from the college search to decision making. Monthly retainers feature the most guidance from an insider’s perspective.

Junior Monthly Retainer

Starting at $599 per month

  • Brainstorming session

  • 2 expert reviews of essay

  • Revision guidance

10th Grade Monthly Retainer

Starting at $299 per month

  • Brainstorming session

  • Resume draft creation

  • 1 round of revisions

  • Final resume delivery


High School Diagnostic - Assessments and analysis to find potential major and career pathways

Strengths + Preferences - Inventory of strengths and preferences


College Search - Assess individual needs vs. wants, college types, create customized college list


Research + Trimming - Student researches colleges and trims list down to 8-10 choices

Visit Coaching - Prepping for tours - Full analysis of each tour experience

Essay Creation + Review - The Common App essay (personalizes all of your applications)

Finalize college list and report on probabilities research


Essay Creation + Review - Supplemental essays that are required for college applications

Tactical Admissions Plan - Created with application and supplemental essay deadlines

Resume Creation - Show off your work with a personalized resume created by EWC


Scholarship and Honors College Applications + Essays

College Decision Coaching for early action decisions


Transition to College Workshops


Elizabeth is such a blessing and an amazing resource as your children go through the college process!   She is great with the kids and they listen to her MUCH more than they do MOM! She walks them through each step of the way.

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