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On-Demand Services

On-Demand Services are for those needing to round out their applications with expert essay review services and resumes that shine!  Or, perhaps you didn’t find the right college? We are transfer admissions experts as well! These short-term services are perfect for those in the summer before senior year, in the very beginning of the fall before all of the college application deadlines, or at any point in their college experience.

Brainstorming and Essay Review

  • Brainstorming session

  • 2 expert reviews of essay

  • Revision guidance

Resume Creation

  • Brainstorming session

  • Resume draft creation

  • 1 round of revisions

  • Final resume delivery

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Transfer Students

EWC has extensive experience in the college transfer admissions process.  These transfer services are customizable based on where you are in your college journey.  Please reach out and schedule an appointment, so that we may better serve your needs.

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