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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How involved are parents?
    Parents are as involved as they would like to be. However, we tend to get more results when we can meet 1:1 with students. This is a commitment for students and the quality of our services depends on the active participation of our students.
  • How do we meet? Virtually? In person?
    We primarily meet online using Google Meet. If you prefer to meet in-person, additional fees may apply.
  • Do you only help people in NC or throughout the US?
    We help students throughout the United States! Our clients have come from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Illinois, Ohio, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Michigan, Washington State and Idaho.
  • When should we start?
    My answer to this question is always - the sooner, the better. We offer short-term small groups and 1:1 sessions for grades 8-10. However, the ideal time to begin 1:1 coaching sessions is in the summer before junior year.
  • What services offer the most attention?
    Junior Retainer services are all-inclusive and the most hands-on program we have. 10th Grade Retainer services are an excellent way to get established with EWC and receive a priority seat on our Junior Retainer roster.
  • How do we pay?
    Credit card or bank drafts are welcome!
  • What if our student is scared about starting college? How do you help them get started?
    This is our specialty! At EWC, we customize each of our 1:1 packages to fit the needs of the student. We try to alleviate the stress involved with college planning by offering a fun and productive environment with realistic goals and options for the best college fit.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Yes. Our retainer services are billed in 5-month payments. However, please ask if you need a different payment schedule. For short-term services and on-demand services, we do not usually offer payment plans.
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