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FREE 5-Month 
Summer Survival Guide

The summer before your student's junior year in high school is the BEST time to start thinking about and planning for college. In this free Summer Survival Guide, you'll get:

One Monthly Action Item

From April through August, get one simple but impactful action item and additional resources that will help your family get ahead of the college admissions process — directly from our admissions experts.


A College Prep Plan You Can Stick To

Get one email per month with recommendations for your upcoming Junior — from volunteering, extracurriculars, and pre-college programming to SAT/ACT prep and financial considerations.

Graduation Day

Who is EWC?

EWC is dedicated to helping families and students understand the admissions process, disseminating accurate and timely information for better college decision-making. 

We offer the best assistance to our families, not only because of our expertise in the field, but we have a heart for what we do.

"Thank goodness I have EWC to guide my daughter and I through the complicated journey of applying to college! They are very knowledgeable, organized, personable, and kind. We just love EWC!"
"EWC offered complete attention to our questions and concerns, provided education on high school curriculum for planning purposes and offered student specific insight for the road ahead. Their approach informs both parents and students how to prepare for success while also setting realistic expectations."
"EWC took the pressure and stress out of the admissions process. I also like the fact that we always had someone we could ask about any questions we had. Our consultant was always there to help us navigate through the process."
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